Cubs Fans Will Love This True Story


The Cubs are in the World Series. Shocking. Terrific.

Over 20 years ago when my dear friend/relative, Stephanie, was getting married she had two wishes for her bachelorette party:

  1. Cubs game. Bleacher seats. √
  2. Get on TV in said bleachers. √

We bridesmaids made it memorable: Steph wore a handmade white baseball cap with trailing white lace veil that Sally had sewn; we were armed with all sorts of completely inappropriate items from an x-rated shop (including several decks of very graphic illustrated playing cards); lastly we carried a “Here Comes the Bride” handmade sign so that for sure we could be seen on TV from the bleachers. The Cubs game turned into a very late night. By the time we had finished at the Cubby Bear and Murphy’s Bleachers Stephanie had pretty much autographed and distributed every playing card and invited any and every passerby to her wedding the following weekend.

Here’s what happened when we walked out of the church (wedding ceremony) 7 days later:







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