Still Don’t ‘Get’ Social Media?

Still Don't Get Social Media?

To quote a friend (who is an award winning and very successful digital agency creative director) who saw this photo:

“We would have spent months and $50,000 to get that shot for a brand.”

So there you go.

Coca-Cola paid nothing.

The power of social media: to get other people to amplify your brand. It’s as simple as a college student snapping a photo of something beautiful and sharing it with family, with friends, with Coca-Cola (who then asked her to register it on their site as part of their Journeys campaign). Next? Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and so on and so on and so on.

Kind of makes you wonder about the 61% of Fortune 500 CEO’s who have ZERO social media presence (read Fast Company link here)

….How can you ‘get’ it if you don’t even ‘do’ it?




2 thoughts on “Still Don’t ‘Get’ Social Media?

  1. love it. Just told my family about this and my daughter found the pick in seconds with a Google search. We love the power of neighbor generated content!

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