Kids Should Come Home From School.

I am SO sad about Newtown. The lives lost, innocence stolen… these kids. These parents.

What I cannot believe is that VERY little has happened in the gun control cause. As a child I watched my mom found in October, 1973 – literally at our kitchen table – the Committee for Handgun Control, Inc. The non-profit was to “bring to the attention of the public the information and statistics which prove that the villain in the pageant of crime and death in America is the hand gun – too easily obtained, too easily concealed, too easily used to coerce, maim, and kill.” Why was my mom involved?  The effort began when my mother (of five) had seen so many stories of kids getting killed in Chicago that she sat down and wrote a letter to the editor of the Chicago Tribune. The gist of the letter: “what is being done to stop the gun violence in Chicago?” The response: nothing. That was her “aha” moment and the beginning of her effort to shed light on gun control.  She spent years at the kitchen table with her CFHC peers stuffing envelopes, working the phones, writing press releases, etc. anything to get some attention for (hand)gun control. It was moms working together for a grassroots cause – exactly what moms do best. Her efforts grew; the publicity grew. I remember going with Mom to NYC in 1975 when she was on the Today show; she was in Time magazine to fight for handgun control and often in the newspaper.  She flew to Washington DC in 1981 the day after John Hinckley tried to kill President Reagan (but instead hit James Brady) to bring attention to the difficulty of solving the gun problem.
And here we are. It is the year 2012 and SO LITTLE has changed! Kids are shot while at school. A nation cries. VERY LITTLE has changed. When is it going to end? Do you think the Founding Fathers intended the second amendment (right to bear arms) to end up like THIS? Is the strength of the National Rifle Association (NRA) simply too powerful?? I know in my mom’s case she and her partners simply got too tired of fighting the NRA. (I also know that our phone number was unlisted because she had received threatening calls.)
But seriously. WHEN is America going to get down to some sort of serious discussion? It is just NOT OKAY to have kids go to school and not come home.