Attended my first blogtalkradio show tonight via social revup.

I’ve attended Twitter parties. No joke.

Tonight was different. I was able to listen and follow via twitter feed #bbradio and #bbsummit12 at the same time! What a great format. To LISTEN, follow along AND learn about all participants at the same time was just great! My husband and kids are watching the Bulls versus the Heat while I have my headphones on and am listening to @Bethrosen host three bloggers: @EvolvingStacey @hannemaniacs and @maritramos. Each was genuine, insightful and real. I am friends with bloggers both on and offline. Sounds crazy?  It’s not. When you get to know someone online the offline time together is simply that much more powerful!

If anyone had asked me years ago if I’d be doing this?! Any of this?! Social anything?! No. However, I feel as if Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool – and I am a total convert. It’s amazing. Mostly I follow business (VC, Chicago based start-ups, anything digital) and mom-related people and bloggers (remember: being a good mom is my first priority.)

The only way I feel able to really understand the different angles and values of Twitter is to simply jump in. That’s why and how I attended those first few Twitter parties while at Plum District: I felt the only way I’d learn was by doing. So I did just that. If I can do it anyone can! Jump in. You do not need to like it, or even want to ever do it again -the point is to simply try. Learn by doing.

So give it a try. Connect on and offline.


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